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Writes about books & comics for NPR & elsewhere. Panelist on Pop Culture Happy Hour. Unauthor, "SUPERMAN: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY."

Author of the forthcoming "THE CAPED CRUSADE: THE RISE OF BATMAN AND THE TRIUMPH OF NERD CULTURE," due 2015 From Simon & Schuster.

This Occasion Calls, I Suppose, For Some Kind of Kryptonian Exclamation.


You know.

"Great Rao!"

"Great Krypton!"

That kind of thing. 

But .. no. This is the first time I’ve seen what the book’s actually gonna look like. And the first time it’s really hitting home that this book will be a thing in the world. With dimensions. And weight (the better to huck at passersby … with).

And a cool-ass (seriously look at that COME ON) cover. 

Thus, after careful consideration, I have decided that “Holy shit!” gets a bit nearer the mark. 

So, uh. 


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    glen wheldon is awesome and funny and PCHH is one of the best things about NPR right now and i hope his book sells a...
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    I am GIDDY with anticipation for this book. GIDDY.
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    What we’ll be buying for all the nerds. Which is, in fact, most of our friends.
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    I’d buy this book so hard the person behind the cash register would need a cigarette afterwards.
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